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Victoria Grant video on Canadian banking goes viral

It’s rather remarkable that a 12-year-old girl has taken it upon herself to lay a verbal beating on the state of Canadian banking but that’s exactly what Victoria Grant has done and in a most convincing fashion. Continue reading here.

Travel medical insurance: don’t leave home without it

Whether you’re planning to travel abroad on vacation or even to take a road trip to visit a neighbouring province, be sure to include travel medical insurance on your ‘must-have’ list. Continue reading here.

Rent vs. buy? It comes down to debt management

There’s good debt and bad. For first-time homebuyers, knowing the difference between the two and how to manage debt wisely is a critical step towards owning a home. Continue reading here.

How to get a bursary or scholarship

Students, there’s free money to be had to help fund your education but you have to make the effort to apply for the funds in order to get it. Continue reading here.


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