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Feds Greatest Security Fear?  Hacktivists

New and emerging cyberthreats such as those launched by way of social media tools might be giving federal government IT security administrators willies of late, but perhaps more striking are their concerns over safeguarding against malicious hacktivism. It figures more prominently than potential cyberattacks being launched by foreign governments. Continue reading here.

Oracle Embraces Cloud Computing, The New Consumption Model

The clouds have lifted at Oracle, one might say. In a series of briefings at the recent Oracle Industry Analyst World 2012, the software vendor set its sights on the cloud computing market, announcing a broad portfolio of products and services to enable public, private and hybrid clouds, in turn letting customers choose the right approach for them. Continue reading here.

Oracle Positioned to Succeed in the Cloud Computing Market

With respect to how well positioned Oracle is in the cloud computing market, one wonders whether a systems vendor that owns a hardware stack, middleware stack and software stack is inherently in a stronger position than those that don’t. Continue reading here.

Consumerization and the BYOD Trend Heighten Data Leakage Fears

The growing consumerization trend is doing more than simply wreaking havoc for IT administrators looking to protect the corporate network from unknown infiltrators — it’s also dramatically changing how data is being created, consumed and stored. Continue reading here.


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