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Federal budget 2012: A $5.2 billion chop

It was federal Finance Minster Jim Flaherty’s first true opportunity to wield the axe with the strength of a majority government behind him and he did so to the tune of $5.2 billion on Thursday, cutting more than 19,000 civil servant jobs over the next three years, raising the age to qualify for Old Age Security (OAS) from 65 to 67, and eliminating the hapless penny. Continue reading here.

Ontario budget 2012: Slay $15B deficit in five years

Ontario has essentially become a have-not province and the 2012 provincial budget introduced Tuesday is designed with that fiscal reality in mind. As it is, Ontario’s minority Liberal government is proposing a freeze on both public sector wages and corporate tax cuts to help the province dig out from underneath its weighty $15.3 billion deficit. Continue reading here.

CMHC, federal government not at odds over heated housing market

Last week, amidst the latest mortgage wars being waged byCanada’s big banks, it was suggested the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) would make moves to cool this country’s heated housing sector. As it turns out, that’s not exactly the case. Continue reading here.

Gas prices across Canada to rise in Spring spike

Have we ever known gas prices to plummet instead of spiking? The cost of gasoline in Canada continues to rise, helping to propel overall inflation in this country, recent figures from Statistics Canada suggest. Continue reading here.

Moncton: Canada’s most cost-competitive city?

Can you guess which Canadian city is considered the most competitive in the land for business? If you said ‘Moncton’, congratulate yourself. Continue reading here.

Canadians pay $185 a year in banking fees, among world’s highest

It’s been said that through chequing account banking fees Canadians are being taken to the cleaners annually. In fact, it’s more like to the tune of about $185 per year but that’s still $185 that could be put to better use arguably. Continue reading here


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