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Apple continues enterprise blitz crawl

Thanks to the rising popularity of the iPad, Apple’s influence within the enterprise is growing, but not with rocketing speed as one might suspect. Still, the advantage appears to be on Apple’s side, even if corporate IT managers view the vendor’s hardware as an afterthought. Continue reading here.

Kaspersky & Sophos top security vendor survey

An annual InformationWeek reader survey measuring the quality of security software vendors has found Kaspersky Lab and Sophos at the top of the class. These two companies topped the list of nine antivirus/anti-malware vendors for overall performance, price, and other product-specific features such as virus and malware detection and removal. But it’s worthwhile to note only six percentage points separate the top dogs from this list’s last-place finisher, Trend Micro. Continue reading here.

Flexibility key to next-gen networks

Enterprises have entered into a state of “data center networking discontinuity,” concludes a new report from the Enterprise Strategy Group. Data centers are being built at massive scales to achieve consolidation and prepare for cloud computing, but legacy data center networking equipment, operations processes, and management tools can no longer meet business and IT requirements. Continue reading here.

Unified Communications suffers an identity crisis

Is unified communications (UC) suffering from an identity crisis?

In InformationWeek’s “2012 Unified Communications Survey”, the results suggest vendors that are looking to sell IT departments on UC solutions are having a tough go of it, primarily due to a fog that develops in the minds of customers over what UC is exactly. Continue reading here.

Compliance issues top 2012 healthcare IT agenda

What could be worse for IT departments than grappling with the issues related to Y2K? Ask a U.S. healthcare provider within the context of its top IT priorities for 2012 and the response may be government-mandated compliance. Continue reading here.


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