For Iraq War resisters the battle rages on

Imagine living in a state of limbo for taking a moral stand on an issue. You’d have a horrible time trying to earn a living much less anything else. But that’s been the ongoing reality for about a dozen former U.S. soldiers seeking permanent resident status in Canada since early 2004 for refusing to fight in the illegal Iraq War.

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It was in late May 2008 that I first encountered a Toronto-based group known as the War Resisters Support Campaign. I attended a press conference on behalf of held at the University of Toronto and was subsequently moved by what I heard.

Over time, I had the pleasure of getting to know a handful of these folks on a personal level and a few of them shared their stories with me. These are honest, principled, brave individuals. Time and again, the Federal Court of Canada has sided with the likes of Corey Glass, Chuck Wiley, Dale Landry, and Jeremy Hinzman. Yet the Harper government remains hell-bent on having these people deported at any and all costs.

On Monday, November 7th, the War Resisters Support Campaign will host Vietnam War veteran S. Brian Willson at the Steelworkers Hall (25 Cecil St., Toronto) as part of Willson’s book launch tour.

Willson’s book, “Blood On The Tracks: The Life And Times of S. Brian Willson”, is described as a “compelling psycho-historical memoir”. His appearance at the Nov. 7th event is as much about supporting the plight of our young, American friends, as it is promoting his book.

“My own government labelled me a terrorist and attempted to murder me,” Willson said in a statement. “My story is strongly relevant for activists today in this climate of an unending ‘War on Terror.'”


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One Response to For Iraq War resisters the battle rages on

  1. Jennifer says:

    My husband and I were close friends of Chuck Wiley during his high school years in KY. We have often wondered whatever happened to him over the years after he left KY and I just happen to finally start finding these articles in the last few weeks. We can’t imagine what he has gone through but know that he is a strong man and we pray he is both healthy and happy.

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