The Golden Age of Wireless

Apologies to Thomas Dolby for this blog title but it seems appropriate. I never owned a pager or a cellphone and I resisted getting a smartphone for many moons but I relented two years ago when I bought a Blackberry. Now I’m addicted to mobile computing and I couldn’t be more displeased.

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Displeased because that two-year-old Blackberry is already in smart device heaven. Nothing lasts forever, I know. Big Macs do. But I digress.

Now let’s keep things in perspective: I’m not anti-Blackberry. I’m suffering from what feels like a death in the family and I’m disappointed my Curve 8900 couldn’t withstand the abuse (that’s not to say I was raised in an abusive family but life’s rough sometimes, right?).

My bigger gripe here is I’m without a mobile device at the moment and I feel naked. Helpless. Incomplete. Out of touch.

How is it in just two years I’ve become a mobile computing addict?

Sure, I do my best to offset the stresses derived from daily online life by getting completely offline at least one day a week and reading books instead. Methinks it calms the mind and helps one focus.

And yet, I’m suffering from wireless withdrawal. Worst of all, it’s only been three days since my Blackberry died its digital death.

Thankfully, I’ve good friends in high places. So I shan’t be without a new smart device for long (I should be receiving an HP Pre 2 this week).

Until then, I’m on the outside looking in. I become agitated when I see others using their devices and I can’t use mine. Out of habit, I frequently reach for the jacket pocket that I’d normally tuck my smartphone in to only to find it disappointingly empty. Moreover, I’m without that convenient crutch to lean on when I’m in public and I don’t wish to make eye contact with anyone so I face my smartphone instead.

Oh, the humanity!

Are you addicted to mobile computing too?


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4 Responses to The Golden Age of Wireless

  1. Stacie says:

    I’m horrified for you feeling naked in public. Yes, I’m addicted to mobile computing too (as I sit here on the bus and type this on my iPhone). I recently told someone that I never thought I’d ever NEED a smartphone but now that I’ve had one for about 2 years, I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without it. Sigh.

  2. @LiamLahey says:

    Thanks for reading/commenting Stacie. Maybe it’s time to start a support group for folks like we? 😉

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