Fractured Canada should follow Britain’s political lead

It’s hard to picture, but imagine a true coalition governing Canada for the betterment of the nation versus the competing ideological agendas of the three main political parties to which we’re presently subjected.

In light of the coalition government forged in Britain recently, it’d be a step forward for Canada to follow England’s political lead given the minority reign of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government — a government that, some would argue, has side-stepped the democratic process at every opportunity it possibly can.

Brit PM David Cameron & Nick Clegg. Photo (c)Andrew Cowie, Barcroft Media.

As noted in a Vancouver Sun editorial on May 14, the solution to Britain’s hung Parliament post-election is an historic coalition government established by Liberals and Conservatives that will guide that country into uncharted territory. Thus, British Prime Minister David Cameron’s government ought to be of particular interest to Canadians.

“The formal coalition agreement between Cameron’s Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats led by Nick Clegg is a comprehensive plan for providing stable government to a country that desperately needs it to cope with the economic crisis.”

Fancy that: politicians putting their country first and their party’s agendas second.

Meanwhile, The Globe & Mail’s Norman Spector blogged recently that “Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said he’s always been prepared to work with other parties to form a coalition, and that he hopes the U.K.’s new government ‘works.’”

Sounds promising but in Canada the political gamesmanship continues at the public’s expense.

Nor does it matter on which side of the political fence you sit. Whether you’re for or against Mr. Harper’s Conservative government is irrelevant. What Canada lacks right now is a unified House of Commons that is focused on and dedicated to ensuring Canada is on the right path economically, socially, and internationally and to do so without bias.

Fat chance it’ll happen. Canada’s current crop of federal politicians are (for the large part) self-absorbed, self-serving individuals, raging against the opposition while dutifully regurgitating what their party leader preaches. I’m having a hard time determining where it’s all leading this country, but ‘nowhere’ appears to be the logical destination.

Which begs the question: are we facing Canada’s greatest political crisis since the 1995 Quebec Referendum?


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One Response to Fractured Canada should follow Britain’s political lead

  1. Dave Webb says:

    Hear, hear. I used to be a politically involved citizen. But it’s become increasingly clear that there is no party or leader in this country that is concerned with policy. Only politics.

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